White Slipper Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “Colorado pride on this one, Terrapin Care Station keeps improving it time and time again!”

  • “Purchased this strain from Terrapin Care Station in Boulder, CO. The buds have large kona and a frosty, bright green appearance. Very strong smell. Absolutely wonderful strain. After 4 hits, I forget I was smoking and instead get lost in some spontaneous creative moment. Fast acting, long lasting high. Definitely recommend if you are in the mood for a powerful Sativa! THC content not definite so don't quote me.”

  • “A true sativa powerhouse! White Slipper has a very quick onset, with a heady high that will last for quite some time. The White Slipper is great for doing arts and crafts, going for hikes, or to have an introspective moment. The White Slipper is our Glass Slipper (Pineapple X Cindy 99) crossed with the White, creating a potent cerebral medicinal affect. With a sweet flavor and aroma, White Slipper also tastes and sme...”

  • “Great for video games and music. Pretty euphoric for sure, almost psychedelic. Has a crash though it isn't a bad one. It just makes me kind of tired later on which is useful if timed right, for using that tiredness to then sleep. I also use this to work out. I had an accident so I have to do physical therapy exercises daily. With this and some music I get really amped-up and it definitely distances the mind from a...”

  • “Amazing body high. Made me very giggly and energetic. The smell alone will make you want a taste.”

  • “White Slipper is my favorite daytime stress-relieving strain. White Slipper has fabulous taste and excellent looking buds. It's a go-to strain for me.”

  • “Amazing strain to say the least. If you ask me, this strain is best used when doing outdoor activities. In my case, this is the preferred strain for any type of rock climbing.”

  • “Best talkative weed ever! Gives you tons of energy and an amazing head high!”