White Urkle Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “A cannabis connoisseurs dream. The beauty of this lady sets her apart from other strains. she has beauty, power, charm, bag appeal, and too top it off, she smells incredible! Don't call her a bitch, cause she hits hard, and she won't hesitate too sit you down if you don't respect her power. She is of high standards and quality. She comes from an excellent family, Her parents are top shelf and both can hold their own ...”

  • “To reward myself for going to the gym and taking a killer hard Spin class I went to the dispensary across the street from the gym and picked up 3 new to me strains, just one gram each. First I worked out my lungs, and later I charred them with White Urkle. White Urkel is an indica dominant hybrid and the parents are Purple Urkle and The White. It smells wonderful! Wafts of sweet earth pungently assuage your nost...”

  • “This shit hitting too hard”

  • “This is my new Yoga weed. I was able to focus on my body and not get distracted. This made me relaxed and I wanted to 'check in' not 'check out' The smoke is smooth and complex. Enjoyable all around.”

  • “Man this strain hit me like an edible. Full effect takes a little while but it's total rubber spine euphoria. Buds are small and super dense with great aroma. Probably won't make it to the grocery store after a few bong rips.”

  • “Amazing relaxed feeling, everything just calms down but you also have energy enough to do stuff. A great muscle relax without the couch lock.”

  • “The smell are looks of it alone gave me a boner”

  • “Sis in law flowed me a heavy gram just now and dayum...not reading leaflys guide yet, I'd say the high is similar to GSC, maybe sunset sherbet...I'm functional and locked at the same time. back pain gone. future's rapping/mumbling makes much sense to me now. I could go for a jog, but why? esp when it's 105° at 2130...let's play some Diablo 3 instead.”