White Walker Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Best hybrid I've tried by far. I stayed talkative and it made me feel mad creative”

  • “I really like this strain. if you take one or two hits, you're probably going to be very productive. But be warned, if you take too many hits, you'll end up a couch potato. But overall it's a really nice strain. I love mixing it with Elephant OD. ♡”

  • “one of the best strains to grow I think it takes its time next thing you know poof you got beautiful dense nuggets foot long colas! !!!! I think it's a must!!! real easy to grow”

  • “smaller buds but suuuper dense. Good strain to relax and still have fun/be productive. You do get pretty hungry.”

  • “Loved this strain for several reasons, provides a very nice high and I also really liked the flavor. Breaks up nice and fluffy for rolling and the strain provides great relief. I prefer smoking this when at home relaxing rather than being out trying to accomplish something as the high can get a little intense. Great strain though, I love taking my time smoking this as I really do enjoy the taste of this bud.”

  • “this bud is amazing it's a MUST !”

  • “I really liked this strain. Only 4 or 5 puffs and you feel very relaxed and uplifted. Very good for my depression and anxiety. The high is steady and lasts quite a few hours. Also helped my lack of appetite and insomnia. This one moves to the "top 3" on my list.”

  • “All around good strain very frosty but smaller yields compared to most. The high is long lasting and doesn't give couch lock. Makes you hungry so watch out if you don't like that.”