White Zombie Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “My mom grew this for her dispensary. She gave me some and I have to say it is my favorite strain yet. Such an amazing head high and an equally great body high. The whole night I felt in a different world and the high lasted so long. It relieve a lot of stress and the whole time I got a feeling that "everything will be alright".”

  • “Excellent strain. I smoke one small joint, and can have almost a whole week of relief from depression and near-dangerous fits of rage.”

  • “I picked up a dime bag of this with my new bong, got really high for a good hour and a half. Got a good smooth burn and a body buzz just as strong as the mind high. A good strain to sit back and watch TV too, play video games, be lazy and relaxed.”

  • “I have really bad anxiety and depression, and some hybrids hit me bad in the anxiety end, but not this one. The buds were nice, and the taste, oh man, nice, my friend compared it to the taste of an old fashioned cigar. I am a White Zombie fan, so yes I was drawn to this before since I had never heard or seen the strain. I would get it again. It is a good day time med, that allows me to be functional, yet relaxed and ...”

  • “woke up w/ a hell of a headache . medicated myself, and felt much better within a half hour........... BUY AGAIN: hell yeah”

  • “Tripy as fuck.”

  • “had a great taste. would buy again in either flower or wax!”

  • “Very nice flavor, gets mind going so be prepared if you're a rookie smoker or coming back from a break. Overall a great experience, would smoke again.”