Whiteout Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I bought this as an oil from The Farm a few weeks back. I've had to smoke this about 10 times to really decide if I liked it or not. Here's the deal... I was looking for a supermom strain that would make me clean the house in a single bound but this strain is a little too euphoric for being productive. I can't keep trucking with my chores. I'm like a magpie looking for something shiny and getting obsessed with mu...”

  • “Such a beautiful strain Whiteout is ... Just like a winter wonderland .... Perfect for day time usage as well as night time usage ... Perfect for those who suffer from loss of appetite, morning blues, night time terrors/insomnia, migraines, PTSD, chronic pain, inflammation .... It's a perfect pair blended together for your needs ✌️💚🌳”

  • “Super dank hybrid personally one of the top dogs out there”

  • “Amazing Dankness! This strain is a hidden gem of its own amazing physical qualities and ingested effects.”

  • “It was a good strain too earthy for my taste I'm assuming that's the indica but you start its mainly the sativa you feel and ends off with sleepiness that is associated with Indica”

  • “This strain is so beautiful, like a winter wonderland when the bud is opened up....great for that get up and go...but also great for that night time rest....I enjoy this strain a lot...giving me a good appetite, no chronic pain, PTSD cure, my headaches are gone .... Definitely on point for all the right medical reasons ✌️💚🌳”

  • “Vaped almost two full bowls with very little result. Happy and focused, not much else...”