Wonder Haze Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Wonder Haze: Super Silver Haze X Williams Wonder - 70% sativa, 30% indica. A slow creeper, takes about 10-mins to come on, reaching full strength after about 25 mins. Buzz lasted about 70 minutes. Smell: buds smell skunky with a pine disinfectant type smell like cleaning fluid - not unpleasant though. Smokes smoothly as a joint. High: (head) A cerebral high with slight numbness around eyes, cheeks and ...”

  • “Really great stuff. It starts with a massaging body high, combines with a powerful head high, and ends with a tired haze. It's very effective for stress, pain, insomnia, and for my seizures. I came in touch with the nature of all things in a completely new level once I was medicated enough. It makes you think.”

  • “Look: A nice oval bud with some dark orange hairs and a with a coating of trichomes. Feel: Soft and somewhat sticky. Smell: Not a very skunky smell, more piney and herb like. Taste: Danky and and a musky skunk with a hint of pine and sour. High: This is a classic haze a stronger body high. The head high makes colors vibrant and makes you really uplifted and internally happy almost at peace. Really nice sleepy co...”

  • “Something important to add is that after smoking this strain, sleep was very good, and upon waking, I felt very refreshed and relaxed - there was no groggy effect when waking up, which I have had with some of the other strains.”

  • “After a second session with Wonder Haze, I noticed that the head high is quite refined, and not too severe. A nice mellow relaxing smoke that gave a nice feeling of well-being. Higher doses (via a joint) were quite tolerable and gave a more intense, but still very pleasant, high.”

  • “So great! It is like I am in the clouds!”

  • “Not to dry,dosen't have a stronge smell mostly eathly tones. Good for med use for pain.(back pain for me). good med for the price.”

  • “great strain for hiking and nice haze for sativa dominant”