Wonder Woman Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Kinda does make me feel like Wonder Woman :) has uplifting and euphoric qualities that give a nice stoney cerebral effect-good for anxiety and depression. Also somewhat energizing and helps with focus (Good for ADD/ADHD). Really great strain and got it for $25 for an eighth!”

  • “This strain is the perfect hybrid. It's an indica when you want it to be and a sativa when you need it to be. You can be couch locked enjoying a nice relaxing high and then you just fight the indica a little and decide to get up and instantly the sativa kicks in and you feel full of energy. This is my all time favorite strain”

  • “A great strain for commercial growers with medical values. As this new market emerges and commercial grows are running rampant. Eager and hungry cultivator are push hi-yielding fast flowering plant. This woman is no exception with here easy to trimming dense buds. Rumored to have Indica and Sativa phenos, my sample was Sativa dominate. The flavor and smell was lemon-pine Haze, the smoke was light, refreshing and ve...”

  • “Really nice medicine that has made it into my top five. Love the smell and effects of the Wonder Woman.”

  • “Really good day strain, lots of energy and uplifting effects. Gives me a headache after though.”

  • “I just picked some of this stuff up and my god after one bowl I felt calm and focussed.something that never happens and completely erased my sever anxiety. All in all I would love to use this to smoke and study or stay home and get stuff done aroun the house. It is a very functional high and one of my new favorites”

  • “Feeling super? Feeling wonderful? Well either way can you say woman crush Wednesdays cause Wonder Woman is going to be a new go to favorite she was created with Super Skunk crossed with White Widow, she will produce very dense buds, with light lime green with the lovely orange hairs draped over the buds, and a healthy layer of thick white trichromes, she produces an over the top pungent skunk smell with sweet after ...”

  • “I got Wonder Woman at a dispensary called Euflora in Aurora, Colorado. It's very potent and very strong. The high is strong after just one bowl. The only down side I found was its very strong so it'll make you cough and have cotton mouth like a bitch.”