Wonka's Bubblicious Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “This brand new strain called Wonka’s Bubblicious looks as intriguing as it sounds. The buds are very well manicured spears that are light green with a metallic hue. The hairs on this bud are very distinctive and range from dark red to platinum blond. This bud is covered in trichs that are small and very compact. This is definitely a candy for adults in need. This bud is very fun to look at and not overly resin...”

  • “I have tried a lot of strains, and have been disappointed in a lot of strains. This is by far my all time strain of cannabis. The perfect balance for my personal needs of sativa and indica. God bless you horticulture father Wonka's Bubbalicious, God Bless Him/Her!”

  • “Just tried this and had to review it! Craziest smell, taste and high I have had in years. Smells of well yes, bubble gum but there is some other mix of berry and subtle musk, but I can't put my nose on it. The taste is equally as alluring but also equally pleasing and does change over the period of 5-10 minutes. It just lingers and lingers on your palette and keeps changing! Wonkalicious! The high compliments both th...”

  • “A very nice Strain. When i picked some up i smelt it and i could smell a pleasant smell of bubblegum. Whilst smoking it, the flavor changed which was an interesting experience. So if your out for something different, this is well worth picking up. Great taste and an even better high”

  • “Wonka's Bubblicious is very strong hitting. Took about 10 minutes to kick in, but MAN! Once it did, the world was alright. It was a tad freaky to taste the different flavors in this bud; first kinda bubble gum, then flowery, then sort of tart.... a real treat if you get the chance to get your hands on this, don't pass it up. Look at the average review ratings; highest I've seen on Leafly”

  • “The dispensery promised it changed flavors, and it does! Wonderful high, good for social anxiety.”

  • “Fabulous strain, exactly as the description tells it. Nice, happy vibe with not too much couch lock.”

  • “pretty good. made me pretty relaxed except when this one guy jumped out of no where and scared the f out of me. but otherwise definatly a good strain”