Wookies Reviews

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  • “This strain is awesome. A buddy of mine gifted me a few babies out of what he had and I was able to grow a few last year. It was an organic grow and I ended up with an average yield, but the smoke was great and after a week long cure was very, very smooth. It has an earthy, woody aroma and great flavor. Nice mellow (as in mood, not intensity) high. If I get it again I will probably keep a mother for personal and to s...”

  • “I just took. .2 snap out of my shower head perc bong and this strain definitely taste amazing! It had this minty fresh vanilla cupcake like taste to it that is super pungent with a creamy and earthy undertone. This strain delivers a very relaxed euphoric high with a happy uplifting sativa high you feel on the forehead/temporal part of your head. Recommended for anytime of day”

  • “This strain has a pine/earthy taste that gives you an upbeat high and is good for daytime use”

  • “Soooooo Flame fo yourself a favor and pick up this flavor!”

  • “Excillent uplifting yet sedating feeling.”

  • “Beautifully relaxing high but still able to be sociable. Powerful indica type high but not overpowering so you can't function. Tasted incredible too! Minty fresh.”

  • “Excellent high very uplifting”