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Wreckage Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “An incredibly uplifting buzz, Puts me in a great mood every time. It's taste is both sweet and earthy and I'd have to say one of my all-time favorites, Only wish I'd cloned it :)”

  • “Well, I have to say I don't think it smells like fresh menthol. Sandalwood, yes, maybe... It definitely tastes like lemon and sage. Smoked out of a bong. On the second bowl... and I'm kinda stoned. I think this strain would be great for those who need uplifted and a boost of energy, or for those who are depressed or need to eat and can't.”

  • “Very nice day time smoke, uplifting, energetic, happy, body buzz, good pricing at the dispensary I go to.”

  • “this is a great strain, the high was phenomenally great head high and a body high that fells like there are tickling fingers all over your shoulders neck and head. The was not a debilitating I was able to rig up my daughter's fishing poles and didnt have to stop to whine about my pain. Which is Huge for me. the bud i got was a huge, dense bud with a light green with red almost lite pink hair throughout. It was cover...”

  • “Great strain, reliably relaxing, takes off the edge, little couch paralysis... a 75/25 sativa dom hybrid by lineage, it plays true. Great late afternoon or post dinner draw. Just right, right time.”

  • “At a dispensary in San Francisco, this is called Sage Wreck. I picked it based on the name alone, I wasn't disappointed. After two puffs on a one hitter, I felt dreamy immediately. It felt like everyone was walking way slower than I. After about ten minutes, I had a hard time making decisions...should I go to the bar and have a drink, or should I catch the train? I took the train and on the escalator ride down, ...”

  • “good price point on a hybrid”

  • “Creates a wonderful creative thinking type of mindset. I love this after a long day of work when I am exhausted but still have tasks to accomplish around the house. It is also great for accommodating your body for when you would like to go to sleep. I often find myself consciously thinking about how soft the blankets are, how warm I am, etc. It puts me right to sleep!”