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WTF Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “One of a kind smell and taste! This one gave me a good high, relaxing, focused and even great before bed too. Even though it's a hybrid of THREE Sativa flowers! You'll be amazed by this one too. This one is also only available in Oregon.”

  • “Love the high thc & cbd levels. Nice strong narcotic stone with no anxiety or paranoia. #CBD #Cannabidiol #Hemp”

  • “Possibly one of my favorite strains in my book. This strain is psychoactive, almost making me feel like the time I tried psychedelics. It disintegrated my sense of self to a point where I was just a being, something similar to that feeling but it technically just mellows you out due to the insane amounts of THC in it. It's highly psychoactive when taken in large amounts, so don't try it when working or driving. Very ...”

  • “Looks amazing, smells amazing, smokes amazing! My new best medicine. Much love White Tygh Farms.”

  • “Excellent! Could spend hours describing the scents..Heavenly with a devilish twist! As if the smoke itself isn’t impressive enough, (it gave me super-human hearing!!), as it grows through its stages to maturity its growth habit is truly astounding. By the time it’s harvest ready one can only look at it with “WTF?!?””

  • “a real smooth high with a great smell. not too loud of a smell but sweet”

  • “Got to try the sugars for wtf dam it’s so terpy ... a low temp dab get so hard for this .. wtf you are vary impressive:)”