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  • “I have yet to enjoy a hybrid like this. This has been my "go to" and will continue to be this way for a while. Right now if anyone asked me what bowl I would smoke if I had all the options in the world. This one would be it.”

  • “Currently, this is my favorite strain. It's a perfect amount of relaxation combined with euphoria and still pockets of energy. In my opinion, this is what a hybrid should feel like. I don't get too fuzzy on this strain either, so I can still hang out, get work done and carry decent conversations. If I was stuck on a deserted island and could only have one strain for the rest of my life, this would be it.”

  • “this herb i picked up is pretty interesting--if you are into a high CBD testing plant you may enjoy this. mine says its about 6% cbd which is pretty significant considering most are lower than 3%. however there is very little thc in this bud so if youre looking to get super stoney this prob wont do the job if youre an avid toker. my boyfriend who almost never smokes says he got blasted from just a couple hits so if y...”

  • “it gets you so relaxed u don't worry 'bout nun”

  • “Out of this world strain. Good for pain & relaxation.”

  • “From the first draw my muscles relaxed it only got better”

  • “-Almost entirely without any psychoactive elements, this strain is a top notch anti-inflammatory. -Very earthy and woody, these flowers taste of sweet grass when vaporized. -A very relaxed, positive, and mellow feeling. -One of the absolute best medicinal strains available!”

  • “Definitely couch weed. I can't get anything done on it. It is, however, an enjoyable high and the euphoria is absolute.”