Zen Reviews

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  • “The Zen OG I recently picked up from my go to spot, (whitecastle in anaheim) had me at hello. It was the first jar the budtender pulled out, and I immediately decided to grab an eighth. I smoked it out of a paper plane rolled by yours truly. Instantly upon inhalation, i felt incredible expansion, and a warm easing sensation encasing my bowels. Having been suffering from morning nausea for quite sometime, this strain ...”

  • “My boyfriend and I smoke together, and he suffers from generalized anxiety disorder and severe migraines so I was looking for a great strain we both can enjoy without sacrificing potency or flavor. I have seen the variation of this strain Zen-X at the retail dispensary so I bought some. Sweet and Sour with a little bit of berry pungent notes, dark green and dense, orange hairs and light crystals. The effects of the s...”

  • “This strain is the best for headaches. I suffer from a brain condition that constantly gives me headaches. within a a few minutes my headaches go away for the duration a regular high last. definitely try if u have headaches.”

  • “Found this at organic alternatives in fort collins. Their version was 22% thc and less than 1% cbd. Did not give me the crohns disease relief at all.”

  • “what a perfect high to bust a nut 👍great relaxed head and body high.”

  • “Incredible flavor and taste. Great experience. My favorite.”

  • “nice relaxing high mixed with a energetic feeling”

  • “I really like this product for the evening, and before eating. I have trouble being comfortable when I sleep, and this works well with my ability to fall asleep and stay that way. I gave it 4/5 because it is really moist. The flower is still beautiful and smells/tastes amazing.”