Zeus OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “In over 50 years of a love affair with Cannabis this is the second best I have ever smoked. It starts out with a full explosion of bliss followed by a lovely berry/tropical fruit note. It seems to last a long time in the pipe and is wonderful for pain. If this strain is available and you can find an organic grower, go for it, you will not be disappointed.”

  • “definitely one of the best highs i've had. super happy, spacey, and tingly!!!”

  • “Had this yesterday, and I didn't expect anything less from the winner of the "Best Medical Hybrid" category of the Washington Cannabis Cup. Very nice high.”

  • “Hard hitter. Puts me to sleep for hourrrrs.”

  • “this weed is so stoney and is really good for stress my strain was 28.9 % thc pretty good recommend to the average smoker not for beginners”

  • “UPDATE: the body buzz was strong, and much more pleasant this time. Great PAIN RELIEF. I packed the bowl a bit more this time, and began to feel euphoric about an hour in. High lasted 2 hours, the pain relief lasted even longer. Pretty sleepy at the end. In higher doses with closed eyes, music is kaleidoscopic. Mild smell and taste, the vapour had an slightly menthol coolness and stayed smooth until it was all gone...”

  • “Hooooollllly Crap....What a great strain. Definitely a heady high, but you can get things done while smoking it during the day. In the evening, forget it....You'll sleep like a baby. I've probably tried 50 strains, and this definitely rates one of my alltime favorites. Perfect for a good movie, if you can't sleep, want to stop your mind racing, or want to have sex (yeah, we both got super horny). Not the best...”

  • “Definitely a heavy hitter...”