3X Crazy Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I like this strain a lot. It has beautiful dark purple and green buds with orange hairs. With just a few hits you get a clear headed, cerebral type high, nothing too intense. You can function fine, be out in public. When smoked in greater amounts, (for me about 7-10 hits) you get a strong heavy body high. Very relaxing and good for pain.”

  • “I said to the bud tender, "Give me the couch lockiest thing you have." She whipped out the 3X Crazy. This stuff is strong. I actually got a little sick vaping it, and was ready to write it off as a mistake, but the nausea passed after a few minutes and was followed by such heavy relaxation and sedation I couldn't be bothered to even move my mouth to speak. My restless leg syndrome didn't stand a chance. I fell asleep...”

  • “I got this more recently at the 101 North Dispensary in Vallejo, CA where I live. When I first saw it, I was really stoked because it looks AWESOME, with deep purple coloration and nice trichromes. I looked into it more before smoking it. 3X Crazy is its name due to being a cross 3x with indica strains. You will feel a bit of a head high at first, but also feel a strong body high that goes from head to toe. It's only...”

  • “Not what I expected (in a good sense). I'm a senior getting back into this after 40 years of Mormon life. I have a Pax 1 pocket vape unit, and looks like a cell phone from 20 feet away. This is my first Indica after testing a dozen different Sativas over the last 6 months. I got this at a dispensary in Bend Oregon, called Oregrown. I asked the budtender for his recommendation for a good migraine relief strain. W...”

  • “good; true to strain description; relaxed body; variation: Optimus Prime”

  • “The color is a very deep purple with dramatic orange hairs. Under the microscope, it looks like bondage weed made from black leather and studs. It even seems like there are 3 times as many trichromes as I'm used to seeing on meds! Well-matured crystals; mostly clear bulbous heads with several frosted heads resembling granulated sugar. It's named "Three Times Crazy" because it is bred from Granddaddy Purple, Bubba ...”

  • “Wow. #3xCrazy or #OptimisPrime by @indomechanic is no joke. From the #bagappeal to the lungs, this was a full force, top notch smoke. The smell stands alone and about the same to say about the #terpene profile. It reminded me of #cookies but there was a slight peak of #pinene I believe that made for a nice, delicious taste. At about 18% #Thc, the joint burned almost perfectly with a slightly gray ash. Pretty decent f...”

  • “This is my favorite strain to grow and smoke. Everyone who has smoked with me know this as T.T.C. short for Three Times Crazy. Nobody could get a hold on the taste and tried to say its just bubba but I've grown that before too along with other kush strains. The cut was from a friend in oakland he called it optimus prime and they were about 7-8 inches and stunk like loud. The purple colas you get are so resinous its c...”