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  • “This is amazing bud. It's high in THC, but does not cause any paranoia and it also leaves me clear headed; so, I can focus- instead of sitting around with couch-lock and memory loss.... Helps my pain in my lower back and neck dissappear. I am very happy and satisfied with this strain. A+++++”

  • “Minutes after medicating with this strain, all of my back pain disappeared. Hybrid quality good for after work medicating. This one will put you to sleep if you arent careful. I was overly satisfied with the medicinal qualitiy of this strain, however, I was unimpressed with the aesthetic properties that this strain posses.”

  • “This strain is the truth. Very good taste and powerful strong. A must try for smokers who enjoy good strong cannabis.”

  • “Straight fuego! Diesel tested at 27% THC 🤘”

  • “Hard hitting, great pine taste. Couch lock on this one, great buy. Very Dank.”

  • “flavor wasnt incredible but this is a great strain for insomnia and pain. definitely knocked me out!”

  • “one of a kind smoke ive had it twice about a year apart. kaleafa in portland test at 27% its different..... must try”

  • “Definitely an indica... But great bedtime high... Giggles, relaxed. Smooth sleep transition. Dense bud... Will get again.”