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91 Krypt Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This strain was obtained by Tweed To start, this is a green house (sun-grown) strain so it's buds look different off the back. We will include picture late hopefully. The buds look dark green, but they look like the typical "weed you got from the guy down the street" kind of weed. It looks home grown, but if done well. The smell is sort of a sweet but musky smell, which doesn't overfill your space with the smell. ...”

  • “tweeds version of 91 Krypt is nothing compared to Auroras. some of the nicest genetics from DNA that I've ever tried. This is great for all around daily use. Amazing for appetite, anxiety and GI issues. Terp profile was excellent. Especially the Melon cut of this. Only available from Aurora. THC count at 17%, feels more like 27%. Highly recommended!”

  • “By far the most potent in terms of THC content strain I have ever smoked. Almost psychedelic like levels of euphoria and closed-eye visuals. Highly recommend to EVERYONE.”

  • “Mild relaxing buzz, instant calming very earthy citrusy tastes and smells. Smokes better than it looks (sun grown) for the price and effects definitely will be trying the indoor counterpart morris 91. From tweed.”

  • “91 Krypt was my first choice since I started with my LP (Tweed). This strain has helped me with several issues: mainly my chronic insomnia, depression, cramping from PCOS, and anxiety. This strain is very versatile as it can be used in private settings, such as a quite evening at home, or in more public setting, such as a small get together. Vaporizing the bud, there is a woodsy flavor/smell, though it is not very sk...”

  • “Got some from the crew at Tricoma. Conscientious growers master growers in South Africa. Fantastic indica, super super relaxed, almost nothing in your head, all body. Excellent night time strain, to just chill, and deal with lie by just unplugging from life with this wonderful strain. Excellent for any mental conditions, and will be a nice recovery wees when you are sick/ill. Will help u relax and sleep easier enabli...”

  • “I got this strain "Morris" from Tweed at 14% thc. Enjoy it alot for both day or night use. Good for anxiety and sleep issues. highlyrecommended”

  • “Unbelievable ! extremely potent strain that gives you a heat flush like you smoking a dab. Smell like berries and gasoline! extremely nice taste even through a Bong! wonderful”