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Ace of Spades Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Ripped two bong hits with a buddy. Got nice. I had a busy, productive day, was planning to go to bed. After those bong rips I finished some work I was putting off until the morning & got some writing done. Relaxed my back while I sat at my desk writing this, writing my book and doing my work. When I got up after 3 hours with little to no back pain & was ready for bed. Nice sound sleep. Excellent color, aroma,& taste...”

  • “Damn this is really good quality bud. Super creeper and body high is amazing. Feels super spacy also so a good one for those deep conversations about Ufo's, Paranormal and know you do......”

  • “Found it by chance last time I went to the Iron street location. Sent my girlfriend back to get more and it was gone! I searched at a bunch of different stores and found it at another one, but it had less THC and was 8 dollars more expensive. I went back to 2020 on Iron, and its back!!! It's purple color is better than ever, so please save me some more ;) ****This is his girlfriend writing this, as he i...”

  • “Such a tasty strain. Got 2 grams from a local shop. Beautiful buds as well with a lot of red and green hairs as well as a hint of purple. Smokes great. Puts body in relax mode.”

  • “Very strong pungent smell and delicious taste. It makes a very nice hybrid giving a slow coming indica body high but also giving a sense of energy. If you don't take advantage of the energy while its there then couch lock will likely set in. Strong meds and one that I like to use for my back pain.”

  • “My loving Mrs. Budsey picked me up a tasty pre roll of Karma Originals Ace of Spades. I really was impressed. The smell was great. Very herbal and sweet, almost reminded me of Jager. The taste was excellent. Right of the inhale it fills your taste buds with herbal sweetness! The exhale was very Mellow, sweet and smooth. Didn't have a single cough. Now to the stone. Very behind the eyes and back of the skull feel...”

  • “Picked up a batch of this favorite that had gone purple. I loved it before, but WOW. It adds an additional layer of muscle relaxation and emotional upliftment. They say the plants were just beneath the air conditioner, and that the purple was an accident as they don't cold shock. However if you want to make an already great strain that little bit better, get Ace of Spades to go purple. Like many Jack the Ripper cross...”

  • “For the most part I'm what you'd call a joint guy. Sit back in a chair , looking at the stars, nice 68degrees outside and taking a slow but deep hit , here and there to cut away the stress. Puff puff give? I don't think so. I'm a little self serving when I'm in relax mode. Anyway, ..... I broke out my little hand held pipe filled it with some Ace of Spades that I've had for awhile . I swear flower becomes stronger an...”