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Afghan Big Bud Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Afghan Kush and Big Bud were crossbred to create this strain, and it was worth it. It retains the shape of Big Bud (each bud is incredibly dense at about 2-3 grams apiece), but it keeps the taste of the Afghan. For me, it comes on relatively quickly, but doesn't stay for more than an hour and a half, during which my mood was quite incredibly turned around, and I was, for lack of better words, just in a happy mood. ...”

  • “I smoked 2 small batties of this and it put me on my ass. Very good bud. I recommend playing gta and listening to some mellow tunes.”

  • “This was a great strain, i really enjoyed the stickyness of the buds too it made some amazing hash! But the effects it would give you were great, Smoke a bong or two and chill infront of the PC playing Video games, it was very intence! you would really get into the moment. and feel it as if you were really there. found myself being rather suprised i was in reality after the effects came off. so hitting a few bongs mo...”

  • “First time with this strain. Has a very nice upper body high with a cerebral high as well. Defineitely a uplifting high more on a pschyodellic side, great to listen music too or play video games too.”

  • “This bud looks and smells so fresh that the high practically kicks in right then and there. As far as smoking, it went down smooth as hell out of a glass bong. The high was mostly lazy and euphoric; I didn't feel like socializing, as focusing on the high was the most pleasurable thing to do. Although the initial high wears off after about an hour, from 1 hour to 5 hours later it leaves you feeling tired, lazy, and ou...”

  • “played wintermaul TD bad for poker doesnt mix well with hard drinks”

  • “Super Awesome, Way Cristled, Tastes Great”

  • “Really good for sleep”