Afghani Reviews

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  • “I suffer from terrible insomnia and Afghani is by far the best I've tried for this. Normal "couchlock" indicas seem to have very little sedative effect on me, but this Afghani stuff has managed to actually WORK :). All most of the other ones did was get me high and make me even more awake. Not Afghani. Took about a tenth of a gram 20 minutes ago and I'm feeling like I will be able to sleep tonight. No big, destr...”

  • “the first grow i ever saw in person was afghani. my first attempt to cultivate consisted of a silly little ol 150wtt HPS light , an afghani clone, and the bottom of a towel closet at the end of a hallway. this is the strain responsible for my love/lust/addiction to couch-lock inducing flowers. instant ADHD medicine. i just found an almost forgotten, gallon size baggie in the freezer that i'd originally gotten full o...”

  • “I was in the US Army for 3 years until I decided to come out of the closet for being gay I left the service. Anyway while I was in the army I was stationed in Afghanistan, and a few soldiers had a strain there called Afgan ( I'm not 100% sure if this is it or not) Anyway that weed made me really relaxed and sleepy. It was very good to get a nights rest if under shell shock or gunfire.”

  • “Very strong smell. A little leathery like Jack Herer. Sweet citrus notes, mostly lemon. An underlying earthy dankness. A bit of a Nag Champa hint upon tasting the unlit joint. Smoke is thick, pungent and lingering. Charges like a bull right out of the gate with a heavy stone and body high. This is a favorite strain of mine because of its ability to stamp out my muscle spasms and Sciatica almost instantly. It's one of...”

  • “This is one heavy strain, let me say a little bit of this herb goes along way.☠”

  • “This strain was suggested to me based on wanting a pure indica. I learned that this is a landrace strain because it's named after the region it naturally grows in. The batch I purchased came from World of Weed in Tacoma, WA. The grower was Triple T Farms, harvested on 9/01/2015 and packaged on 9/25/2015. I usually break a bud and inhale nice and deep to get the nose - it smells like a bowl of sunflower shells mixed w...”

  • “if u want to get down in your dreams and sleep like a baby, just take a couple hits”

  • “A very old very, very pure Indica. The guy I used to get my old school hash from used this strain, getting back to school after lunch was always a challenge. The buds are dense bright green with lot's of orange red hairs. It's an amazing hash plant, the buds just drip resin. The smell is nice too very earthy and sweet have smoked this in flower, oil, bubble, dry sift, and finger hash form and it tastes fucken great...”