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I suffer from terrible insomnia and Afghani is by far the best I've tried for this. Normal "couchlock" indicas seem to have very little sedative effect on me, but this Afghani stuff has managed to actually WORK :). All most of the other ones did was get me high and make me even more awake. Not Afghani. Took about a tenth of a gram 20 minutes ago and I'm feeling like I will be able to sleep tonight. No big, destracting "high", either. Very clear-headed and lucid. You feel that it is there, and it is intense in it's own way, but again, incredibly lucid and not scatterbrained at all. Perfect for studying. Highly focused. The body effects, however, are QUITE strong :). I feel physically somewhat drunk, but in a pleasant way - no pukiness, impaired judgement or any malaise whatsoever like you'd get with alchohol, but extremely lazy, a bit sleepy, coordination is a little off, eyes are droopy as hell. Very mild tingling sensations - woah, a body :). I'm someone that can smoke just about any other indica dominant strain and get almost no body buzz at all, yet am quite sensitive to the mind-altering effects. Afghani is a perfect match for me. I'm ready to get some sleep and there's no craziness going on in my head. No trippiness. No anxiety whatsoever. This will be my insomnia medication for sure!
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  • Focused
  • Sleepy
  • Dry Eyes
  • Dry Mouth

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