Afgooey Reviews

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  • “I made the newb mistake of confusing this strain with Afghooey, which is a hybrid rather than a straight indica. I tried Afgooey first and wasn't paying close attention the second time I acquired it and was about to be disappointed at the inconsistency! I thought Afgooey had let me down for pain relief! But it turned out that what I chose wasn't Afgooey but the often-confused Afghooey! The hybrid isn't as good for ...”

  • “I think this is one of my favorite "mid grade" indica strains. No it isn't purple or fruit flavored, in fact, it smells down right piney. 2 TINY meant to be one hitter bowls (tiny temp plastic bong) were more than happy to MELT pain i didn't realize i had until my back cracked in 10 places......but dont be fooled. Altho my buzz started off talkative enough about 30 mins in....couch lock. Don't get me wrong, it's ...”

  • “would give 11 rating lol. very good sticky weed. alotta peoples favorite. easy to get confused with afghooey, which is also very good. highly recommended.”

  • “good shit”

  • “so smooth, nice clean clear high but relaxing and low key”

  • “Just grabbed top shelf Afgooey at 24.98% THC. And you can feel every percent of that THC very relaxing and packs a punch. The bomb smell WILL hit u in your ass on the way out 5/5”

  • “Excellent for any type of pain and stress. Pain and stress goes away with the first hit. Stays gone for at least 4 hours. If you have insomnia, take one hit and you won't have it anymore. Great nighttime strain. If you stay home sick from pain, get some Afgooey, stretch out on the couch and watch your favorite movie!! You'll love your day!”

  • “I have tried this variety and so far enjoyed it. The flowers are dense, dark with orange hairs and very sticky. It has a sharp scent that to me is of citrus with a hint of skunk. Smoking it was pleasant and I found it gentle on my lungs. It does produce very milky smoke and it kept a fruity taste finishing with a hint of pepper. Effects took a few moments to become therapeutic. It resulted in relaxation and m...”