Alien Bubba Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Picked up some shatter! Loved it! Very potent body buzz and awesome heady buzz! Very pretty very tasty! Would absolutely pick this strain up again!!!”

  • “This stuff rocks, for me the euphoria was the best part. Like warm waves rushing through every part of my body. It did give me a slight headache one time, but I did vape quite a bit of it. Still great stuff, would buy again!”

  • “Fantastic aroma, very flavorful, and everything you'd want in a heavy Indica. All over body high-- very relaxing and euphoric. Good amounts of kief to save for pressing, too. Definitely a new favorite to my list.”

  • “I'm having a great time. Very deep, spacey high, with deep relaxation to add to it. Excellent for meditation in small doses, but a dreamy thoughtful course to sleep in normal to heavy doses. Smells like a "grapey flowers." I'm having a great time.”

  • “Beautiful aroma, a deep earthy scent with hints of what almost seem to be mint. A very nice "nothing matters" high that doesn't keep you from almost functioning normally. Will smoke again X3”

  • “Just bought some of this tonight. My wife and I used an ice bong with it and had an amazing time. Very powerful and intense high. I'm impressed. The bud smelled kind of like diesel especially when broken up.”

  • “Used vaporizer, tastes great feels great!”

  • “Bomb af. Got a lil dizzy at first but i adjusted. Added to my "Hit" List.”