Alien Rift Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Alien Rift delivers a wonderful, long lasting "superbuzz". Played my guitar for several hours without stopping. Deep flowing from way inside my creative center. Music seems more organic, food seems to be more vibrant and delicious. Mind focused not drifting aimlessly like the effects of so many Indica strains.”

  • “Great! I first tried this while super stressed/depressed. A great mellow high followed, accompanied by a sprinkle of the giggles. Flavor is excellent- crisp, lemony, and earthy.”

  • “Great for watching movies with friends (especially interstellar😂)”

  • “Vaporized in a Da Buddha at 2:00 position I picked this up yesterday and the bud tender at the store said he was afraid to try this. Naturally I asked for it and expected something intense. Then I looked it up on Leafly and all those descriptions are full bars. I was ready for anything. So I vaped my first bowl. And wouldn't you know, I watched a couple hours of 'Shameless' and did an hour of ballet. I wouldn't sa...”

  • “This is the dopest of the aliens”

  • “Very interesting terps! This cut i have is super potent very hash like smoke & high. Love it. In rotation. What a stank it's also loud”

  • “My second favorite strain . The taste and look isn't the greatest , but the effect is so crazy euphoric especially for a heavy smoker like myself”

  • “Just had an amazingly spiritual experience while watching NOVA: Fabric of the Cosmos after smoking a couple bowls of Alien Rift. I recommend it!”