Aurora Borealis Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Whoa! This made me feel like I was flying up there in the Northern Lights. I found myself rocketing up, levelling off for a good time then gently gliding down. A really energizing strain, don't overindulge else you may spaz out. This with a morning coffee and your co-workers will either think you're a mad genius or just completely mad. More head than body effects. It will cheer you up, make you more talkative, erase ...”

  • “One of the heaviest strains I've tried, but with enough mood-elevation to keep you out of the swamp. I medicate mostly for insomnia and inflammation, and have found AB to be absolutely perfect for both. It packs a fantastic indica body high that's ideal for both serious pain and post-exercise soreness (and especially as a pre-sleep hoot). Its cognitive effects are a bit mixed, but in a very entertaining way. I fo...”

  • “Our new fave on the Indica side! Great looking light golden buds give up to a wonderful smoking me its taste is the perfect Afghan landrace that Hindu Kush also exhibits....classic hashy sweet and earthy tastes abound. The very best nightime med that we have ever tried. I love all the purples out there and have smoked them all and this Aurora blows them away. Dont get me GDP, Grape Ape,...”

  • “The onset is so relaxing. Perfect for after work or before bed. I love the flavor profile too!”

  • “Aurora Borealis 50% Indica 50% Sativa Flowering: 56-63 Days Origins: Northern Lights 10 x Skunk #1 Smell: A nice sweet smell with a warm touch of skunk. Medicinal Uses: Chronic pain, insomnia, nausia. Effects: Soothing all body high that is very strong and heavy. The effects will last a decent amount of time. Munchies and sleepiness will also occur. Has a relaxing and suttle body and mind buzz.”

  • “Finally found my own personal nirvana strain. It makes me feel the way I think human beings were made to experience the universe by subtracting all the BS. Very relaxing, very mind opening. Very thought provoking strain. My favorite no competition♡”

  • “Burned my throat, harsh on my lungs, some eye pressure, and a lot of energy. Picked it up at OM of medicine, won't be doing that again. (I'm a big fan of northen lights so this was a let down for me)”

  • “best weed in the world. I don't think I'm ever smoking anything else besides this. it helps with my chronic pains allot but makes me very forgetful I left the car keys in the door while I went to get food. so stay in if you're smoking it. thanks to whoever created this weed.”