Barbara Bud Reviews

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  • “*sigh* Sadly, there is no "Clickity-Click.. BARBARA Trick!" Here at all!! I had SUCH high hopes for this one!! But I was left rather disappointed. I was hoping for the pain relief this was reported to be relatively famous for but...... Again, just like in my review for WHITE WIDOW, if I could give 1/2 a star I would have given this one 2 1/2 Stars. Now that being said, let me go over the pros AND co...”

  • “got barbara bud from house of the great gardener very dense buds with lots of trychome ! smell like candy ? and taste amazing. this strain help for my ocd & tourette.”

  • “Decent indica but nothing much else.”

  • “THC 13.3%, CBD 0; $8/g from Tilray This was the third strain I've tried so far. It was very different from Rene Mist and Jack Herer, and I much preferred it. The negatives aren't as bad, and the high is much more enjoyable for me. It took awhile to actually get my order. I had to wait 'til after the weekend for it to be shipped, then the carrier messed up and delayed it another day. The packaging was a bit excessiv...”

  • “So far I am still trying to figure out the correct dosage as I made it into a cooking oil and baked it into brownies to treat my concussion injuries. I ground it using a coffee grinder and put it into two cups.of simmering olive/vegetable oil that had a 23% fat content and got 4 batches of brownies out of it. Admittedly I overdosed the first time (as I used streetbud the last time, and only cut it with scissors and t...”

  • “I purchased a high CBD variant of Barbara Bud to give it a try. It sounded like it would be a good strain to use for pain and insomnia. It was very mellow and really didn't provide much in the way of relief for pain or insomnia. The effects are very weak. It is just one one those strains that doesn't really do a whole lot for me so I am unlikely to buy it again.”

  • “Unsure if my strain is the same but shes called orange Barbara... She tastes like tangerines... She helps me relax.... and i love her. Hope she's always available so I can toke happily ever after... The end”

  • “This review is for the indica dominant strain affectionately named “Barbra Bud”. The strain that I have comes from my favorite producer Broken Coast, located in British Columbia Canada and punches in with a respectable 19.2 % THC. This strain is 90% Indica. When I opened the sealed bottle I was a little disappointed at the lack of smell from the buds. Barbra only has a light spicy, woodsy smell and I prefer my bu...”