Barbara Bud Reviews

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  • “*sigh* Sadly, there is no "Clickity-Click.. BARBARA Trick!" Here at all!! I had SUCH high hopes for this one!! But I was left rather disappointed. I was hoping for the pain relief this was reported to be relatively famous for but...... Again, just like in my review for WHITE WIDOW, if I could give 1/2 a star I would have given this one 2 1/2 Stars. Now that being said, let me go over the pros AND co...”

  • “Decent indica but nothing much else.”

  • “got barbara bud from house of the great gardener very dense buds with lots of trychome ! smell like candy ? and taste amazing. this strain help for my ocd & tourette.”

  • “I purchased this strain to help with my anxiety and sleepless nights. I like to vape all of my strains and the body buzz off Barb gives me is really relaxing with absolutely no couch lock. Took my dog for a walk after medicating and it felt like I was floating on a cloud the whole time. Excellent strain and will definitely snag again. Perfect amount of THC as well since I have a high sensitivity to it.”

  • “So far I am still trying to figure out the correct dosage as I made it into a cooking oil and baked it into brownies to treat my concussion injuries. I ground it using a coffee grinder and put it into two cups.of simmering olive/vegetable oil that had a 23% fat content and got 4 batches of brownies out of it. Admittedly I overdosed the first time (as I used streetbud the last time, and only cut it with scissors and t...”

  • “It was very good in giving me a very deep relaxing feeling and I really enjoyed it at first. But I noticed after the 3rd or 4th time of having it, it really raised my anxiety levels. I have an anxiety disorder and it has been under control until I started using Barbara Bud. I have been super on edge and panicky for the past week, even after stopping use of it. Since I stopped taking it things have been calming down f...”

  • “Great strain for pain management without the couch lock. Tastes like a Citrus bubble gum flavour in my vape.”

  • “Have been taking it in smaller doses with the brownies cooked with the 5g/500ml oil, and although it does put my body into a bit of a bodylock state for 2-3 hours, it works well at keeping my concussion injuries at bay. Still experiencing some pain but as I would rather be able to still function this works for me.”