BC Sweet Tooth Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Love this strain! I put about 2g of pure kief into some cream cheese and ate about 2-3tbsp on some crackers. To my surprise, once the high came on I became incredibly turned on! I've been on anti-depressants for a few months now and have had an extremely low sex drive, so for me finding out that I react this way to Sweet Tooth has been a God-send and probably just saved my relationship. I would recommend this strain ...”

  • “recently moved to the Seattle Area and found this in a dispensary. I have Bipolar Disorder and it really helped me with Focus and Anger issues. The taste is sweet but shows up after you exhale. Did cause the munchies but helped with Nausea”

  • “The aloha berry is full of all colors has a very pungent smell and very rich sweet full taste and has a hell of a high I assume it is a hybrid because of the color and the intensity of the high is all encompassing body and mind very relaxing and euphoric I would go as far to say that it's a trippy strain. But with a much better indica balance then LSD Kush.”

  • “Amazing sweet taste, great uplifting high. The bud was nice and sticky. After about four hours I got stoned as hell could barley move n just passed out. which is a first for me..”

  • “Very sweet taste with an earthy finish great high long lasting but functional still a+”

  • “very nice weed long and lasting high”

  • “Got this a while ago and smoked lots of it from my bong. I liked how the nugs were very crumbly so I didnt need to grind them. It wasn't really a particularly great strain. It made me really tired which was good for night time, but in the day it just makes me wanna sleep instead of enjoying the high which is alright if you smoke a lot of it. I give it a 7”

  • “I wish that "Better" was a choice for the effects it has. I have a chronic nausea syndrom and this strain has helped more than anything else I've ever tried. If you suffer from nausea and just want to feel better, I recommend this one!”