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Bedica Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is s great overall strain. As an MMPR it is only available from an LP. Bedrocan products are available from Tweed. It had a nice Orange appeal to it. it gave great pain relief uplifting and creative uplift. Will definitely go with this more often.”

  • “This is a great strain. Produced by Bedrocan, a Canadian LP. They are very consistent in potency it is rated 17%THC. < 1%CBD. Its more important to note the BCP content of this strain. The HIGH is of minimal concern as the over effects dominate. As an MMPR this is going to be my main strain. No need to experiment and overtime my body will override the high THC content, Medicinal User.”

  • “Bedica is a very good smooth strain from the LP Bedrocan. I was very pleased with this strain. It has europhic properties, clean smoke, nice full flower buds, and a appropriate price tag. I use Bedica (Afghani × Herijuana) in the morning, afternoon or evening before bedtime. I found no panic or anxiety at all from this 17% THC, <.01 % CBD strain. I enjoy smoking marijuana OG Style in a joint format. Mixing Bedica 50/...”

  • “I like the Bedrocan products. I find their strains to be very stable and effective medicine. I have tried both the 17% & 20% THC versions of Bedica and they are great strains to relieve pain and insomnia. Many people complain about the smell of their buds but I like the smell...very floral and sweet (smells tasty). Overall good strain for evening & nighttime use :o) Beware though, causes a very dry mouth!!”

  • “I found this strain hit on all levels I need releaf in. Uplifting from obliterating my pain gave a good clear mind effect that had me happily getting things done and with good focus great for creative endeavours - functional herb. This strain is 17% THC, <1% CBD. WILL ORDER AGAIN :)”

  • “Does the job very well. I medicate mostly for sleep and I have almost no complaints. Does make your mouth a little too dry, but what weed doesn't do that to some extent?”

  • “I medicate for sleep, joint pain and stress related injuries, the 17% does the job for me. Very relaxing buzz and enough euphoria to keep me on track. Sleep came very easy and controlled the pain in my joints. Very happy and will order again.”

  • “i have smoke Bedropuur 24 % THC made by Bedrocan ... it was the most powerful strain i have smoke in my lifetime ! i recommanded to all of you jai fumer le Bedropuur 24% THC et c'est vraiment le plus puissant et la meilleure sorte que jai essayer dans ma vie wow !!! je recommande a tous”