Berry White Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “I've tried a number of strains recently, trying to find one that can control pain and nausea without causing anxiety or paranoia. I think I've found the right combo in Berry White. The Blueberry and White Widow parents are legendary in their own right, but this phenotype is amazing. I've seen it said that this is a sativa dominant strain, but I have to disagree. The tightly packed buds appear sativa, with a light gre...”

  • “Very good for opiate withdrawal. I was able to come off pain meds on my first try when I no longer needed them after my surgery helped my pain disease. BW made me much more comfortable during a very physically & emotionally difficult time, I attribute this as a big part of my success!”

  • “Berry White: THUG. If you want to just chill, smile, blow smoke circles and NOT choke, I present you thee Berry White. It's a truly lovable strain. Although not the most potent, it definitely gives you a nice light but fast high. 2 hits and I was buzzed. Great night smoke, doesn't make you sleepy but if you happen to lay back a little too comfortable, you're out like a light.. Will savor the rest I have. Smoke up, y'...”

  • “This is fast becoming one of my favorite strains. It does not make me sing in a deep sexy romantic low voice like Barry White...... But, Berry White is "berry, berry, berry good... Happy upbeat mellow high that keeps on trucking and keeps you in a good place for good amount of time.... I will keep this one in the pantry on the top shelf...... You would do right by doing the same.”

  • “white widow is a thought provoking borderline racy for first 30 mins blueberry is always relaxing on the body and euphoric. I would like about a 70/30 BB to WW ratio myself. Alert and able to focus yet content, happy, and extremely relaxed. THC @ 16% is still very high. Most producers exaggerate THC beyond belief as I'm one who doesn't buy 30%+ flower. All i know is blueberry @ 16.5% is tasty and has plenty of stre...”

  • “Berry White is absolutely worth the try. The smell and taste are reminiscent of a piney campfire, with a little bit of berry added. The high is effective and strong, yet wonderfully manageable and stable. (I could imagine, though, that a first time user could get a little panicked from the super complete affect of this strain. I get just as head high as I do body high with Berry White, and both highs set in relativel...”

  • “I feel like I don't have arms. I just really want gazpacho. I like leopards and bobcats and Stefan from The Vampire Diaries. In Vermont there are a lot of lesbians. And they tap syrup. I like a Separate Peace by George Knowles. I have all of my teeth. Okay, so the real thing I'm trying to say here in this rainforest is that this shit dope as fuck and I am at a pond and I hear rain and frogs and I'm hearing crickets s...”

  • “Looked beautiful, when I got a batch it was spelt "Barry White". Oh man the way this strain looked was crazy to say the least.White in color mostly crystals. Fluffy, smelled pungent and a little sour.”