Big Bang Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “One of my favorite smelling and tasting buds. Very fruity smell like peaches and apples, accompanied by flowers like fresh blossoms with undertones of skunk. Starts in the head smoothly taking control of the mind relieving anxiety and stress and replacing it with happiness and euphoria. Turns into a full body buzz that warms the body and kills all my pain (irritable bowel disease). The relaxation effect Big Bang give...”

  • “It is impossible to have any stress left when taking Bbg, no couch lock in low doses either. Provides a very restful sleep for those who need that benefit from Cannabis.”

  • “The best relaxing high I've ever had, probably after today trying it the first time it has become my favorite strain. Relieves ALL PAIN and completely makes muscle tension disappear. Definitely recommend, nice for being out in public, and great for physical conditions.”

  • “Nice body stone very very narcotic feeling! Relaxing on every level. I felt like butter melting. Awesome strain!”

  • “Well-known for its medicinal properties, it is sold in the Dutch pharmacies as prescription-medicine. Relaxing and calming effect, good for pain control and appetite stimulation.”

  • “Similar to silver super haze. The effect is a very soothing valium like high state that last for hours. Awesome one of a kind stuff.”

  • “I use this Big Bang with Golden XTRX (cartridges) mixing in 18.1% CBD which is a perfect mixture for my particular issues, as I'm a medical patient. Now... if someone would or could help Golden XTRX provide their medicinal customers with a consistent supply, so we'd not have to look around each month for "something similar", forcing our MD's to pull their hair out too (Sorry for the rant, has nothing to do with the ...”

  • “Okay, so this week, I thought to myself. "I need to try something new. Been smokin on the same old shit for a couple weeks now and I need a new taste." So, as any knowledgeable stoner does, I hopped onto leafly and looked over the menu. I noticed this strain and checked the pics. It looked pretty appetizing. Pretty average THC level, beautiful nugs, fuck it! Lets get it! So I hop over to Clear Choice, and pick up an ...”