Big Bud Reviews

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  • “This is the best "go to sleep" strain i've ever smoked. Not really the thing you smoke with friends. One smoke of this and you will go to sleep, like a baby! It helped with my muscle tensions to. Liked this smoke a lot but a bit to heavy for everyday-smoke.”

  • “dont inhale that long trust me u been warned”

  • “First hit and bam I was back in early 90s Seattle. Loved this strain back then and love it even more now. I suffer from what I call "the mechanic" like insomnia! I've asked every dispensary to give me there "guaranteed" knock you out strain and none has worked for me. Not until I got my hands on good ole big bud. Great body buzz uplifting just basic sit on the couch relax and watch TV till you pass out smoke! It rela...”

  • “I picked up 7G from World Of Weed for 40$ of a variation of this strain called "Cali Big Bud" and it has quickly become one of my favorite strains of all time. The batch of Cali Big Bud i have is a little leafy but just coated in snow white trichomes. Yields huge dense trichomy buds. Great for Depression, Insomnia, and if you just wanna experience some heavy Euphoria. Definitely reccomend. One Love, Rastafari!!!”

  • “Do not under estimate this strain Big Bud, it's a powerful indica with huge buds that can put you to sleep and ease your pain, the high is very strong and will dissipate after a couple of hours. Perfect nigh time cannabis, highly recommended.”

  • “This is a relatively affordable strain that does everything for me that I need marijuana to do. It relieves anxiety and eases tension, it increase my appetite and helps me to go to sleep. It's pretty perfect frankly! The flavor is not particularly enticing- but it's not bad at all either.”

  • “big bud was awesome, i was instantly high off a few hits. I felt very stoned relaxed sleepy, i would have to say night time strain didn't have any knee pain . thank you harvest of tempe”

  • “I've had shoulder pain 24/7 for a three days. This helped so much.”