Big White Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “One of the most mentally relaxing strains I've come across. It obliterates anxiety and leaves you feeling mindful and content. Beautiful looking buds coated in a white frost. Complex sugary taste. Big white is right on point.”

  • “sleepy, mellow, super relaxed high. good for pain relief and insomnia I'd say.”

  • “First time smoking this strain it's a real Smooth smoke light and relaxing I would definitely recommend this strain for new patients”

  • “Extremely cerebral and contained. No elation but instead a sort of warm, confident analytical calmness. I think that, like coffee, it was far better when physically mixed with a bit of another varietal, like Purple Berry. 🍇”

  • “one of my new favorites. good mental high and helps alot with loss apetite (:”

  • “Amazing strain and helps with my plantar fasciitis.”

  • “Big White massages my body and does not go in to my head. A small amount goes a long way. I meditate for 30 minutes after taking one drag and then go in to a deep sleep. Big White has induced strange and vivid visualization during meditation when I have had too much. I will continue working with this strain, specifically with the paranoia that sweeps in at times. This is good for my meditations because I like to work...”

  • “I think this is more towards the Indica strain than the Sativa strain. It calms you down and gives great pain relief. The potency is not as strong as other strains I have tasted and takes a little more to gain the full effects. It does not help the libido, it takes it away. But it is a good strain for pain relief.”