Big Wreck Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I would highly recommend Big Wreck to any one in need of a fairly long lasting potent medication, The sativa affect of the Train wreck is just enough to overpower the indica potency of the Big Bud. Its a great strain over all.”

  • “Big nugs that are frosty. Smooth smoke so very little coughing which is a great thing after almost coughing my lungs up with a very heavy Kush I had. This helped my headache almost immediately and I was much better after a small bowl. I love PTrainwreck but this one is right up there.”

  • “This was a very classic tasty strain. Live the flowery aftertaste and euphoric stone. Will grab another gram or two if I see it again.”

  • “Textbook good bud. A striking coat of crystals is immediate obvious even at a distance. "Is that shit white?" Quote, a guest in my home. Though dank, and pungent even when underwraps, and especially when ground, this bud has some surprisingly pleasant fruit and floral notes. Jasmine, and apricot trees blooming. A smooth smoke, with a very clean, almost pine-sol taste, this bud impresses on all fronts. High is rela...”

  • “This strain (from Local Product of Colorado) had phenomenal trichome production, a powerful head and body high, and a smell that made you think it was time to change a diaper.”

  • “It is an intense experience. Often with deep insights ... some pleasant ... some not so ... all worthwhile. It came on hard here but afterwards left a nice calming energy.”

  • “The flavor profile on Big Wreck is right on point. I get very floral and earthy notes from this resin coated flower. It's an intense indica dominant strain that comes through with its immediate onset of body sedating effects that linger for far longer than other strains I've came across. I was almost too stoned to consider writing a review from the beginning stages of this high but that's when the Sativa started to s...”

  • “Very large and bodacious nugs, with good crystal content could really see the sativa pheno come out vs its indica counterpart and it has a very sweet and almost sour flavor profile,Smells like peppered mangos.Great for on the go during the day or at work,but not recommended for a relaxing bong toke before bed”