Biochem Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Really good strain,but its really strong. I tripped out for a good 10 minutes and then it knocked me OUT. This stuff gave me the best darn sleep of my life. Would recommend 8/10. Not a daytime strain but perfect for a good night.”

  • “So biochem, I bought this Spherex distillate at The Joint and it tests at 73%. My impressions of this strain are very good. It is a great 2-way indica. I say that because this is great sleepy strain, one of the best I have encountered, usually no strain of cannabis makes me weary. This however, is easily countermanded with some caffeine. Making this a perfect strain for individuals with ADHD or ADD. The physical effe...”

  • “Very mellow and slow onset, then it hits and drops you into a euphoric state of bliss. Great for a night of chillin on the couch”

  • “made me so hungry. I felt like I was starving to death. have a snack before using”

  • “Oooo-ooo, that smell! Can’t you smell that SMELL?! The most pungent strain I’ve ever had the pleasure to enjoy thus far. Definitely a nighttime delicacy. Or an excellent wake-and-bake when playing hooky from adulting.”

  • “This strain is super relaxing and euphoric. Not a good day time strain as it did couchlock me for a little bit. I smoked a big bowl of this and got an extreme body high with tingles then got some of the best sleep I have had in a while.”

  • “This strain is a "5" in terms of knockout effect, but it earns a "4" overall due to the smoking experience, which is dense and harsh. I can definitely achieve full stonage with half as much of this strain as any other, so it's a great strain to stretch your dollar. It's just too thick a toke for me and left me with a sore throat each time I smoked it. Scent is earthy and grassy with a nice spice undertone. Biochem w...”

  • “This is some great, smooth bud that will help you shrug off the stress at the end of the day. Nice mellow, calming high. Tastes great. Kinda arousing too. So settle in with your significant other to chill at night and you'll sleep like a baby.”