Black '84 Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Writing as I burn. I am currently in Seattle. This flower smells great. Very fruity with grape being the dominant scent. Both times I have smoked this, I became sleepy, which was exactly why I purchased it. It does the trick, and also gave me a sense of calm and happiness. I really enjoy everything about this flower. Its beautiful, smells great, and is a fantastic Indica.”

  • “My new night time sleep inducer. Just purchased this from Have a Heart Cafe in Seattle yesterday and is my new fav indica today. Great strain in glass bowls because of the great taste. Been smoking for years now and it takes a lot to knock me to sleep but after a few sessions with this strain, GOODNIGHT.”

  • “Black 84 is a nice indica. Helpful with sleep,pain. great medicinal qualities.”

  • “This is one of my very favorite indica stains; it's a very relaxing, de-stressing, and tasty strain. Great for a mellow Sunday afternoon on the couch or a late night treat to send you off to restful sleep. This is fairly strong stuff that makes whatever you're doing enjoyable, so long as it can be done in the prone position -- which is exactly where you'll end up; the batch I'm currently smoking is 30.4% Total Cannab...”

  • “Real heavy stuff, but great if you're just trying to crash after a long day. It has a lemony taste to it too. Definitely something I'd buy again.”

  • “Super potent and uplifting. Great strain.”

  • “Dry Heavy-hitting smoke. This I loike! 👌”

  • “I got this strain due to the high THC content (24%). The flavor is not the best, but the head high is good.”