Black Afghan Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “great bed time slow. real heavy high.”

  • “Love the smell of this one. Great chill type of high. Helped with my stomach ache also!”

  • “I finally found a strain that balances me out. No anxiety, no pain, stress . I get done what I need to and when I'm finished and sit, I am so relaxed. I even went back and got another supply in case they ran out.”

  • “Ok , I have debating for about 3 weeks to try this strain out . Well today I did and boy am I glad I did ! First Hitt ...... wow deep pull gets you the cerebral high instantly ! Exhale and Taste of earth , pine , and dark berries , loved it , it matched the " Head High " ! My body was next , you feel very relaxed and mellow all over ! Totally relaxed , " I don't want to move " . Please if you want to totally relax an...”

  • “Rock hard killer nugs. High in THC and moderate in CBD. This is far from a functional strain. The narcotic body buzz had me searching for a chair to sit. One of my favorite knock out indicas right before bed”

  • “When I first started smoking weed I had 3 strains that I rotated between. AK-47, White Widow and Black afghan. Each strain having different effects. Black afghan just gave me the complete "Fuck that" feeling. Whenever I smoke Black Afghan I get way too lazy. I don't recommend smoking black afghan before class, as you will not be able to do anything in class. Anyhow it is one of the best strains that I have ever smoke...”

  • “tasted pretty raunchy and the effects were short lived or maybe I just had a low quality batch.”

  • “Got some from Essence west Las Vegas it was fire. Pros:Good high. Strong indica, with a decent taste. Grown by DGF Cons: A lil dry for top shelf price. Would smoke again though.”