Black Cherry OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Great tasting and effects! Tasted like black cherry syrup before it's mixed with carbonation to make soda. Rolled this with a Blueberry Juicy Jay paper and it was amazing. No ashy taste, no skunky taste, just sweet berries. Worked great for my muscles, PMS, put inflammation down, worked as an anti-depressant, I was happy/giddy, but a bit spacy and dizzy... overall just really great. Definitely get this if you se...”

  • “I'm really digging this. I feel so happy; almost like a crack head finding a menthol. My dog is looking at me like he's jealous. I told him, maybe I'll make you a little dog canni-biscuit. Is that a thing? It should be. It tasted really good too; much like a 25 year old virgin, perfectly ripened but maybe a little bruised. The smell reminded me of the aromatics from when a black cherry explodes in your mouth, except ...”

  • “it helped me get chocolate pancakes with a surprise face on it and ihop 👍🏻”

  • “I loved this strain. Knock me on my ass. Even got double vision. Would buy again.”

  • “Beautiful deep hued buds, with an awesome taste. the Grandaddy Purp genetics really come out on the taste. Burns slow n clean, helped my nausea i had for a few days that another strain couldn't settle as well. Black Cherry OG is added to my favorites list.”

  • “I had just got this strain , and I got to say it is the strongest Kush I've ever tried , it starts at the mind and works its way to your body creating a relaxing numbing I'm your legs and torso , it smells strong and cherry like , very good cross strain 👌”

  • “The best I've tried so far for fibromyalgia! Really knocks out the pain and relaxes the whole body.”

  • “I had suggested this Strain to Leafly because this one that I couldn't find. the taste is delicious and the smell is fruity. you get a really good body high that can put you to sleep. I recommend this strain to anyone. 420 Highway in Bremerton, WA has this one!”