Black Ice Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Strongly Indica-dominant hybrid. Very sedating. Not a cerebral high. Excellent back pain relief and sleep aid!”

  • “Black Ice provides a nice relaxing sedative kind of high. Perfect for anyone with insomnia or stress, this strain will definitely put you down. This strain is a definite choice for anyone looking to relax and completely melt into the seat or bed.”

  • “I thought it was going to put me to sleep,but it gave me a clear head ....good draw,its going to be one of my favorite..”

  • “This is my favorite night time strain. Smooth and tasty. It's kinda like taking a warm bath right before bed, very relaxing and helps you sleep through the night. No hangover-type of effects in the morning.”

  • “I really enjoyed this strain. Perfect for before bed, had me sunk into the recliner with nice couch lock. Very relaxing, nice buzz”

  • “This is a fire mixture of blackberry kush and ice... this shit will make you feel the euphoria of blackberry while at the same time need to be active that you experience from ice”

  • “Black Ice:( Black Domina x Ice-Widow) Maybe slightly differnt, Ice-Widow is a IcexWW hybrid. Look: Extremly dense, lime green buds with thick bright barney purple streaks and fire red hairs, covered with a heavy shell of trichs, rock hard. Beautiful. Smell/Taste: A rich complex mix of purply berry and sweetness, not distinct but very nice, taste is similar. Effects: Total relaxation, the first couple hits punch you h...”

  • “The smell of the black ice is amazing! The batch I got was testing at 25% but I don't place to much value on thc levels. Will get some more for sure👍🏼”