Blackwater Reviews

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  • “It's 12:40P.M., and I'm about to make a bold and daring move....I've just loaded my 43 year old pipe with a beautiful piece of BlackWater flower, and will give you a detailed appraisal of it's effects on this 60 year old mind and body. What the's after noon. Before I fire up the bowl, here's a description of the flower top: Big, dense, covered with orange hair and huge crystals. Very impressive!”

  • “3rd Place Indica in 2014 Cannabis Cup, This potent strain fu**ing delivers! Definitely more of a evening, late night medicine. Not one to really deliver a creative mind, more of a relaxed state. IF you EVER get an opportunity to get ahold of authentic Blackwater, I truly recommend the experience! 4.5/5”

  • “I was fortunate enough to find Blackwater at my local dispensary today. My budtender recommended it to me after I mentioned I prefer an Indica that packs a punch. This bud has lots of crystals on the leaves, some purple coloration and a lot of orange hairs, which is nice to see. The flavour I find to be sort of citrusy, sort of earthy, and quite smooth. The effects are quick to take hold, I've had about 3 tokes from...”

  • “I recieved a Blackwater clone from a fellow grower in 2014. The Blackwater strain matures @ around 8 weeks give or take a few days providing there was no lock up due to environmental/nutritional instability. Blackwater is a slow growing low yielding strain when grown indoors. I have yet to experiment with it outdoors. The smoke is rich and smooth with an unmistakable berry like flavor and long lingering aroma. The po...”

  • “some great tasting indica don't plan on doing anything this green packs a huge punch but its a great long lasting high straight to the dome”

  • “Pure indica that cuts through any anxiety. Too much will knock you on your ass.”

  • “FIre Fire Fireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee WoW There has been a lot spoken for this strain and it held up its part of the DEAL!!! FIRE”

  • “Migraine pain comin on; nausea 6 when I medicated round 2200 or so. Takes bout 5-10 min to start working. Pain/nausea gone. No anxiety/paranoia (a must for me). Body high perfect while it lasted. Head high not strong enough to make me sleepy which is really weird for an Indica. But I may be developing a tolerance also. Still awesome, sweet taste. 2 hours later head & body high have worn off. Again, maybe due to my ne...”