Blue Alien Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Blue Alien is a very potent strain. It strike you very early after vaping it. The euphoria is quite strong but generally it falls in a more dreamy or cinematic state if you're near bed time. It can be good for a cinema evening or as a sleeping aid. It kills pain and calm stress in a blunt efficient way. The smoke can be quite strong even with a vaporizer. The taste is quite subtle and not very impressive even if you ...”

  • “If you live in Vegas, go to Thrive and get a pre roll of Blue Alien. I promise, you won't be disappointed. I smoke several times a week and this strain has me on my ass. It has a very strong cerebral high and definitely worth the $11 cost”

  • “Just got ahold of some Blue Alien shatter that was wonderful. After a dab I was feeling good and my pain was really relaxing away. After two of I was ready to hit the hay for a good night's rest. Works well and the slight berry taste makes for a great smoke”

  • “Instant relaxation and calmness! Love this strain right before bed to deal with my MS.”

  • “Sweet smelling, berry aroma. A calming body stone from Blueberry, with Alien adding that mellow cerebral high Awesome combo.”

  • “Good fun, sensual body high, relaxing. One of my all-time favorites”

  • “Great for night time use. Gave me a nice body high and then after smoking another bowl it was a nice relaxing head high. 5 stars on pain relief and insomnia.”

  • “If you're looking to relax or used before bed, this strain gets you going in that direction. The high THC count carries with it some force that can't be ignored. Calm and peaceful body high. It's probably got some couch lock, however it blends with it such a mellow cerebral high, that a relaxing walk isn't unthinkable. Brings some water though. Cognition will rely more heavily on intuition, so let the muscle memory d...”