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Blue Bastard Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “One of the most unique strains on the top shelf... with hints of vanilla, citris, pine, and berry. A Seattle exclusive, this 70/30 indica heavy is just that...heavy. "2x4 strong" as she's been described. Need help sleeping, eating, or just taking it down a few notches? Get yerself a bud of blue bastard!”

  • “Definitely don't take during the day if you want to be functional at all! I was hazy and not lucid, staring off into space. It was described as a knockout; I wish I had been asleep. GOOD FOR NIGHTTIME.”

  • “Indica heavy hybrid. Eased my back pain. Felt awake, focused and happy.”

  • “Good, heavy, night time indica. Looks, smells, and tastes great. It hit me pretty hard, totally wiping out back pain that had been bothering me. The heavy onset put me off a little, but that blew over pretty fast, then I was just pain free and relaxed. I was at the computer, but did not feel that I had "couch lock". Still felt pretty functional. Eventually crashed, and was able to sleep deeply. Had a little bit of a ...”

  • “Amazing smell, i just want to turn that smell into a candy then eat it!!! I got to like a 9 and stayed there until i passed out, i really enjoy this strain!”

  • “This is a very good strain tastes good also especially through the vape!”

  • “Nice smelling smoke, hint of blueberry/berry taste. Didn't notice anything special about this strain. Calming smoke”

  • “Enjoyed relaxing at home on a hot afternoon. Didn't make me sleepy, more calm and happy. Loving it!”