Blue Blood Reviews

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  • “Blue Blood is my very first high CBD low THC strain, and would you believe it, Blue Blood is in my top 5 strains? It takes first place in smell and taste - it truly smells like pure blueberry, more than any other "blue" strain I've tried, and I've tried many of them. For smell and taste alone I would give it full marks, but the specialness of Blue Blood doesn't stop at smell and taste. While the THC is low (mine onl...”

  • “Pretty good morning strain, no harsh burn outs.”

  • “I grew this strain in 2015 it was amazing they way I grew it, the flavor was epic and the smell was so sweet. Had a nice narcotic high very sedating. I grew fat dense nugs, all ture organics not fert line. If you tried it when I cut it and then again after I cured it you would have been loving it twice! I grew it for medical purposes wish I could have made it a bush! I had to tie my nugs up it was so heavy at the end...”

  • “Got a nice bag of Blue Blood from a grower friend of mine. The smell of those familiar OG terps filled my nose on first contact. I love OGs. A bit of fruity undertones can be noticed once you crack the bud. Strong OG flavors on the inhale with a smooth fruity flavor on the exhale. A slight sting in the back of my throat indicating harshness, but a decent tasting bud nonetheless. Mostly body buzz which is great for ni...”

  • “Has a really good smell to it. It's a good one for night when u just want to lay down and relax. About to smoke sum right now.”

  • “This medicinal plant is a cross of Blueberry x OG Kush. Great nerve pain reducer for me, CBG's at work... Nugs have a blueberry undertone that comes out in the smooth exhale. Works well to relieve my leg pain and helps with sleep. Creeper stone with full effects in 10/15 minutes after ingestion.”

  • “Cool name, pretty buds”

  • “Like that it was mellow and not harsh. The gentlemen who helped us at Green Valley Wellness in Talent was very nice and extremely helpful. Recommended several different strains for anxiety and pain and I will defiantly be back for sure!!”