Blue Buddha Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Amazing strain. Takes care of Chronic back pain, migraines, etc, however isn't as sedating as other indicas. One of my current favorites!”

  • “This was a very strong high. Something that does not knock you out from the get go but it does leave you in your head a lot. Rather antisocial. However, dry mouth was definitely a thing. I felt a little more out of control when it came to socializing, I struggled to respond or keep up with conversation. I was very much in my own world, extremely enjoyable. Overall strong solid high, definitely a chill out, play s...”

  • “Smoked this for the first time and everything that I've read in the description rang oh so true. i was concrete on the couch..couldn't move..and truly forgot about the bullshit from the day. Great strain! If you want a genuine high..Blue Buddha is one of the better ones available. So good that i woke up still buzzed. Looking forward to picking up where i left off.. haha. :)”

  • “If the strain is grown correctly, it will give off strong aromas of blueberry, cheese, and tea! It also has a very exceptionally smooth taste, and a very pungent Skunky smell! Great for night time, few tokes of this stuff, and you're out for the count.”

  • “very enjoyable high, sticky buds with a pungent smell that hits your nose right when u tear the seal off. I smoked 1 bong bowl of this and I was stoned I didnt need to smoke more and I was couchlocked for a good long time .”

  • “Blue Buddha is a very unique high that combines the heavy stone of Romulan with the wild euphoria of LA confidential. It's like Blue Dream for night-time that makes you want to try it's predecessor Purple Buddha.”

  • “Excellent head buzz that then settles into a euphoric body stone.”

  • “crazy purple buds”