Blue Knight Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Very very relaxing, mind and body. Felt so sleepy and drowsy after smoking about 3 bowls out of a bong. What's great about it, to me, is high it got me compared to how delicious it tasted. They were both equally powerful. The taste is delicious, very sweet and berry/sweet candy flavor. Looks beautiful, nice trichome count, very visible. The purple is obvious, as well as some dark blues. Very impressed with this as a ...”

  • “Got some Blueberry kryptonite not too long ago from my local clinic and it was much better than i thought it was going to be, the smell has that classic blueberry scent but with much sweeter aromas then regular blueberry strains, very smooth heavy smoke leaves you feeling sedated but able to carry out tasks during the day, very high potency would recommend. Great for medical ailments.”

  • “Great indica strain. Super heavy in the body but uplifted in your mind, great for pain and nausea as well as any anxiety or stress. Beautiful buds with blue and purple hues, frosty as it gets too. Smells of lavendar, vanilla, grapes, skunk, kush, brown sugar and blueberries. The toke is smooth and delicious and very deeply medicating”

  • “Green,gold,and royal purple buds. Looks sugar coated. Amazing body high. Pain and stress went out the window. Big blunt to myself,had me highhhh for 3 hours... Careful,if you smoke to much you will be sleeping! After eating a pint of ice cream of course! Love this bud! A new favorite!”

  • “I have severe panic... As you can tell. Finding strains that won't send me into a full out panic attack is quite the task. I am trying to taper off my xanax onto a strain that will help me during a panic attack. So I won't know for sure until I am completely off the benzo's, but this is at the top of my list”

  • “Awesome strain pungent earthy good bud”

  • “Super frosty, nice buds with amazing purple colors. Smokes amazing, very smooth with the berry taste that is sometimes typical with a "purple strain " and with a hint of hash flavor. At first he has a slight cerebral high, moments later the heavy heavy Indica effects kick in, and produce a very narcotic type affect. Are you in the can find a really good batch of indoor blue night, I would not pass on this one!!”

  • “Look: purple/blue tipped sugar leaves, tons of huge big heads on the thrichromes. Very frosty. Smell: vanilla, blackberry/blueberry sweetness and some krypto nose too. Taste: musky grapes over berries and kush with a lingering vanilla clove hash sweetness. DELICIOUS. High:Giggly, uplifting for how heavy the genetics would indicate but no pain at all. Great for nausea and appetite as well. 9.5/10. added a photo with t...”