Blue Lights Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Went to a Taco Bell after smoking a thick blunt of this strain. Sat there with my friend for 4 hours eating the same loaded griller in complete silence. Would definitely recommend to anybody”

  • “i have never heard of this hybrid before (80% indica 20%sativa) it is very berry like but pungent at the same time. definitely want to keep this in a tight jar or container because the smell is strong as hell & lingers even after its gone. hits you instantly but the feel is addicting and the taste, is phenomenal and is now one of my favorites. although it gave me a small burst of energy, it wasnt too long after that ...”

  • “I put my Blue Lights next to my Blue Dream for comparison sake, the Blue Lights does not smell nearly as much like blueberries as Blue Dream. On the inhale, I didn't taste much, but on the exhale, I tasted Boo Berry cereal. This is not a heavy hitting indica like GDP or Platinum OG, but I wasn't bombed out of my tree either. About a half hour in, I got a burst of energy, so I could see enjoying Blue Lights during ...”

  • “Dispensary direct being reviewed, so bear in mind. Unbelievably INCREDIBLY strong high, comparable to shrooms. Holy hell. Smoked on the beach by my house. I walked home and just sat for hours in my room after two hits without even realizing how baked I was and I was just in pure pain-free unbridled bliss. Con: Trip-level effects lead to bad trip level auditory hallucinations. Damn. This is real as hell bud.”

  • “I got a qtr of this and a qtr of Green crack from a local dispensary called Rainbow Collective($192). The blue lights def. carries a good amount of the blue dream, one of my faves. Never had Northern lights before, so no reference to go from there. Nice blue dream almost blueberry smell, smooth smoke, smooth taste, puts me in a good mood but also makes me pretty sleepy. Decent on the pain help, helps with my depress...”

  • “This is a hybrid between Northern Lights and Blue Dream. The medicine I bought was little nuggets, or small flowers. Originally I believed I was getting something more sativa dominant in effect. The herb is pretty and even has a light blue tinge. It smells earthy with a fruit pinsol smell mixed in. It hits pretty quickly. One bowl will allow you to get stuff done and make you euphoric. The Blue Dream heritage ...”

  • “One of my new favorites! Relaxing and uplifting at the same time-great for stress and depression. Not too relaxing that you become couch locked-gives me a little cerebral boost to get focused on and started with my day.”

  • “Love this strain. Just a nice relaxing smoke that eased a lot of my pain and left me feeling warm and happy. Only thing is, I wish it's effects lasted longer. One of my new favorites”