Blue Monster Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Wow! Only seen this once (today) and it's a heavy hitter. Very shocked to discover this in my area but very pleased I got to try it . I'll be popin' a few beans of this for sure”

  • “The connect had a couple lbs of this before leaving for the holidays so I grabbed 2oz's of this new (to me) strain. Little more on the dense side, nice smell of chemically blueberries. Burns slow in the bowl and has long lasting medical effects. A wandering mind and sleepy body make this a light day time, or night strain”

  • “I have a bad cold so I'm coughing naturally, but damn man this is not helping my cough lol! Blue monster is hitting hard! 💯”

  • “This pheno is out of this world! If you love indicas like me than this is the one to look for if possible to get... trust me i smoked it, vaped it, dabbed it all but ate it lol and i think its my fav for my daily night blaze at least lately its the best i got going in my rotation.”

  • “Omg this is nuts hurts so bad and the cough is rough but oh so good smells of blueberry and I can def taste berry. So very high tho I'm ready for bed but I'm gonna do it happily. My throat hurt the whole time I've been typing this review. Shoot.”

  • “Phenomenal bud, great berry-like scent. Probably one of the strongest I've smoked.”

  • “This ones up in the top category along with snoop Dogg og , gotta try purple monkey balls I Goto MedMen Deliveries or swell so they make me very VERY happy every time patient. Medmen delivers to me and this strain is the BOMB! No disappointment here!”

  • “One of my new favs”