Blue Mystic Reviews

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  • “Wow. This must be the best weed I have ever smoked! After the first bong hit, I almost instantly felt a sensation of tingling and numbness at the same time in my fingers, the same feeling of being given strong pain medication intravenously. After the second hit, a strong headhigh kicked in almost instantly. I felt a tingling sensation at the top of my head. As I walked in to my livingroom, everything seemed very sur...”

  • “Whua, the taste is fuckin' crazy. Makes you high as fuck. I love running and after this, I wanted to run to the other side of the world. It was like I drank 5l of coffee or something. I think this weed should be named Wake'n'Bake 'cause it's fuckin' booster. Don't get this if you want to chill at your house watchin' movies n' shit. 7/10”

  • “Before I smoked this I didn't think I was a cat, now I'm sure I am...”

  • “This was one of the better strains i've smoked. Beautiful bud with a blueberry tea like flavor. The high is a real creeper. Takes about 10 minutes before you realize that it has hit you. It gives me a very appreciative high. Essentially everything becomes carefree and gives you an optimistic perspective. When its time to settle down the strain eases you into a very restful night sleep. I always wake up feeling refres...”

  • “Large fluffy buds, grey green with light blue tinge. Very sticky with dusting of Trichomes. The taste and smell is very earthy with subtle note of blueberry, especially when consumed with a vape. The high is a real nice blend of a mentally stimulating Sativa and a warm and relaxing Indica. Overall a very recommended strain, great to look at and great to smoke.”

  • “This has become my new favorite strain. I would never have guessed it to be a hybrid. The body high was nearly nonexistent. The head high was exceptional and I had tingly sensations on the top of my head. In a large amount, slight hallucinations are caused. I felt like I was Ludlow (writer of The Hasheesh Eater, a must-read, especially while high). Social stimulant, euphoric, nostalgic, creativity--all I could want i...”

  • LWD

    “The Blue Mystic I attained from Nirvana was harvested in 8 weeks. 10% Amber 50/50 cloudy to clear trichomes. It was amazingly soft in texture and smooth going down. I noticed a clarity and a happiness in the high.”

  • “this is the second time I've ben fortunate enough to score a BIG ASS SACK of this incredible herb for my medication. my condition? stonecoldsoberitus combined with an inflammation of lazy ass. the cure? a few bong rips of the blue mystic. I had forgotten what I thought other than that I liked it from the previous time I had this incredible strain, but one thick plume of smoke after another rising above my soaring hea...”