Blue Power Reviews

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  • “Bright green with heavy crystallization on the outside, break open the nugs to discover the dark blue and purple hues that unlock a very pungent berry aroma. Very sweet and thick smoke, taste of Chem-like properties such as a sharp chemical smell with some sugar tipped aromas that accompany berry, cheese, earthy and sour notes. The taste is just as complex, a plethora of tantalizing terpenes make this strain a connoi...”

  • “Blue Power #1 from LivWell (The Info page's description of it's "2nd variation" better describes my experience but the 1st mentions it's special aroma and boy howdy is the aroma extra unusual, but I'm assuming that LivWell has created a "3rd variation" maybe by crossing both variations who knows Dense Beautiful Buds Drowning in YELLOWISH crystals Unusual Aroma is none other than that of FRANKINCENSE !!!!! (Never...”

  • “local spot had it in Stock, got it phresh only harvested a couple months ago. very lime green color, caked with crystals and the strong odor will certainly fill a room. I'm high on it now after a few tokes. smoked it earlier and grubbed down a handful of some sweet baked ham sandwiches. those shits were handled swiftly. just like the blue power I am adding them to my menu. this weed makes you relaxed. I reserve it fo...”

  • “I'm reviewing this strain again because it keeps me coming back for more. I've enjoyed my fair share of finely grown cannabis in my short time here in WA and I gotta say that FIRELINE has done a bang-up job with this flower. It's the perfect complement to the end of a long day or for just relaxing around the house on the weekend. The body high is the most enjoyable part. The Blue Power won't judge you for taking it e...”

  • “If you love flavors, this one is for you! Not that powerful effect though”

  • “smooth creamy Blue berry funk .. BAM Killed this strain ... I've been blue Buried lol”

  • “My goodness! This was a great strain. It creeps just a little bit. It does not hit you like a truck. Head change came on nice and slow. Very euphoric, happy feeling. My entire body just relaxed. But not couch locked. The flavor to me was more diesel but an after taste of blueberry. This would be great for pain anyone that gets anxiety or paranoia. The initial head change lasted 25 minutes and then wore off after 2 ho...”

  • “Blue Power by Fireline in Washington State. Tested at 27.5% THC. Amazingly fragrant, rich, sweet blueberries in beautiful indica hybrid form. This is an absolutely amazing strain for a true connoisseur. Very vibrant, trichome heavy buds with a beautiful blueish purple hue and fuzzy bright orange hairs. The aroma of this bud is outstanding. A very strong, sweet blueberry scent will immediately envelope you. Broken do...”