Blueberry Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “This bud is completely fantastic. The green, dense buds have tendril-like leaves that give it the impression of being on fire. The sample I had was so caked with crystals that it almost appeared whited and had me immediately thinking of White Widow. A very pleasant, spicy kush smell mingled with some subtle blueberry hits the nose and comes through again on the exhale. This bud quickly dunks your head into a long...”

  • “Great strain, forced me to say "holy shit" as I exhaled my first hit. Gave me wicked munchies [but I made an amazing grilled cheese: *Equal Parts Swiss and Mozzarella Cheeses *Country bread/Texas toast/thick bread *Butter for frying pan *Garlic and black sea salt *Tapatio (for dipping) ] Anyway, it had a nice happy little kick on the front end that lasted a good hour or two which had me singin...”

  • “Wow. This is so far my favorite strain ive been looking for another blueberry tasting strain for a while and while it tasted like it and even smelt like it when it was smoke, it absolutely got me stoned, off of one huge bowl, but i smoke weed everyday 4 -5 times a day and im sitting here typing this absolute blizzied. Great for nighttime your bpdy feels uplifted while youre completely relaxed and if u wanted to stay...”

  • “🍇🍬 This is candy. Straight up smells like blueberry candy. I don't understand how such a flavor could grow out of the earth without being an actual blueberry... This strain is awesome. It's so flavorful that it will leave you with a more confused face than an accidental front-facing camera switch. It tastes delicious, with that classic Kush undertone behind the berry goodness. It didn't knock me out, but it did put...”

  • “One of my favorite indicas, a great night time strain. This strain is very good for stress and anxiety relief, insomnia, and pain. Blueberry kush has an excellent scent, that I describe as earthy blueberries. A fairly potent strain, the effects are felt immediately. The body high is fantastic and includes a very spacey cerebral effect. I highly recommend this strain to anyone, for medical or recreational use. Bluebe...”

  • “One of the best out there! All the benefits from your top strains in one! Starts off with awesome relaxation and a grin across the face. The nerve pain in my lower leg went away, the muscles relaxed, and the stress melted away. Also felt a bit aroused 20 minutes into it. It's the sort of strain you can relax on or still get stuff done on. I vaped 1/2 a gram 30 minutes ago and still managed to write up this review.”

  • “A 'VERY' nice strain. It immediatly had that sweet and berry smell to it. After a couple of bong hits I was pretty knocked out and relaxed already. The taste was great and very satisfying. I strongly recommend this if you are into strong indica's like Master Kush and G13. Overall a very enjoyable smoke for a night with some friends. Definitely not smoke this for a party or if you are planning on having a productiv...”

  • “Blueberry Kush is very good in relieving pain but has the side effect of dizziness and headaches.”