Blueberry Skunk Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Blueberry Skunk (Blueberry X Skunk #1) is an all-time favorite when crossed by two classic and highly-regarded strains. It is primarily Indica-dominate with Sativa tendencies. In optimum conditions Blueberry Skunk has an extremely high THC content and above average yields. During flowering a soft blueberry aroma is present while a pungent skunk smell arises upon handling the flowers. This strain may produce medicinal...”

  • “Name is slightly misleading with the nugs taste/aroma, but an obvious name in correlation to its genetics. Great bud all around, nothing too crazy. High is euphoric and positive, not over whelming whatsoever. Happy feels, only thing I'd say preventing from another bowl (if anything at all) is the pressure behind the eyes and forehead. Might be a little too strong in heavy doses for your new smokers. Verteran patient...”

  • “This is the perfect strain to help treat with PTSD, Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Physical Pain, Paranoia.”

  • “Strong heavy Blueberry taste & smell dank blueberrish skunk, would highly recommend for a relaxing high.”

  • “very strong feeling of relaxzation love the strong berry skunk smell as well. Take your stress away with this strain.”

  • “Indeed one of my favorites smells like blueberries with a little bit of Skunk The first time I tried it I loved it I was like what in the heavens is this love blowing on my clouds happy smokingr”

  • “This strain has been incredible! It destroys my depression and leaves me super chilled out and full of uncontrollable laughter! 😂 5/5!!”

  • “strong and steady head high, couldn't sit still really.”